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5 Ways to Expedite Your Post-Marathon Recovery

Regardless of how seasoned a runner you might be, have you nailed down a proper recovery strategy for race day? If yes, AWESOME! Still read this! If not, hear me out! Recovery should take place during the actual training for runners at ALL fitness levels.

Most runners lack energy entirely after any long-distance race. This lack of energy could all result from poor recovery during training.

Ever felt like your legs were almost jello for over 48 hours after a race? Ever wondered if there would ever be a way to prevent that…

My Brooklyn Fall Half Marathon CityTri Runs Training Plan

In the Science of Running Blog, the author discusses training blocks that include more intense workouts rather than focusing on endurance and volume.

Like Landy, I believe building a steady base is vital for distance running before diving into any type of speedwork. Once you’ve built a solid base, focusing on intense speedwork and combining the proper mixture of longer and shorter recovery intervals each week is a great way to improve both stamina and endurance.

Brooklyn Fall Half Marathon by CityTri Runs

Long-distance and high-intensity training sessions are a must. History has shown that various cyclical methods…

Races are off. People are running out their doors (literally!) and it’s a scary thing!

This is how injuries unfortunately happen. But wait, what on earth are we supposed to do about this? How do we even know what else to do besides, well, run?!

To our advantage, the majority of us are working from home these days without any accountability whatsoever. We’re moving from our chair to the fridge and back from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Obesity rates are higher than they’ve EVER been and these are leading to life long health issues. …

Alli Felsenthal

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